Ultima Underworld for Delver

Produced by: Mike Ratzlaff
Website: Mike Ratzlaff @ TIGForums

Ultima Underworld for Delver

A partial remake of Ultima Underworld as a mod for Delver, a Minecraft-like first-person dungeon crawler.

Mike Ratzlaff stumbled upon Delver, a first-person roguelike with a visual style reminiscent of Minecraft, whilst looking for games for his new Android phone. Finding the game inspirational, he set about attempting to make mods for it, and finally settled on creating a mod inspired by Ultima Underworld.

After teaching himself the rudiments of Java in the span of a few weeks, and after coding some tools to help him export graphics from Ultima Underworld, he set about attempting to make this mod, and at least for a time was making good progress with it.

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